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Love the Skin you are in.

Love the Skin you are in at SkinbyDemi    303-842-4733

Skin Services - Demi Faces (formerly known as SkinbyDemi) offers a number of healthy skin care and facial solutions for clients of all ages including oxygen facials, epidermal leveling, chemical peels, blemish spot treatment, annual skin care services with year of skin care include and much more. 

Facials - Start erasing unwanted skin spots today!

  • Tween (9yrs-13yrs) Facials:                                      $68
  • Teen (acne- no acne) Facial:                                    $72
  • Demi Basic Facial:                                                    $85
  • Epidermal Leveling Facial:                                        $100
  • O2 Intracetuticals Vitamin Epi Facial:                       $141
  • 1st Facial at SkinbyDemi (any facial of your choice)  $83                          
or free Lip Love Stick with service

Chemical Peel - If you are looking for a more youthful glow, chemical peels are a great way to reduce wrinkles and sun damage and improve pigmentation and overall facial appearance. 

  • Chemical Peel (2 services-1 Peel/1 Post Facial)                         $100-$183

Other Skin Solutions 

  • Blemish Spot Treatment (up to 3 spots)                                   $0.00
  • Back Treatment (peel or facial)                                               $70-$83
  • Full Body Exfoliation Custom Blend                                          $72
  • Hand & Arm Hydro Lift                                                            $40-$60