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Love the Skin you are in.

Love the Skin you are in at SkinbyDemi    303-842-4733

Lash Extension Gallery

What to expect during all Lash Services at SkinbyDemi

  • REQUESTED:  no eye contacts to be worn and you may put your contacts back in before you leave studio
  • Eye lashes to be cleansed at home daily between appointments (see our "How to keep lashes clean at Home from a Pro" video) 
  • Our Denver Lash Extension are made from silk and polyester fibers 
  • One Extension is placed per one natural eye lash at a time to ensure comfort, health and wear for your eye lashes. 
  • When applying Lash Extensions we only choose natural lashes in the adult stage of growth as we do not want to interfere with natural growth stages  
  • 60-100 lash extension on each eye are applied to create a full set, we fill to the fullest unless otherwise requested
  • We carry 8 different lengths in 5 different diameters with 4 different shapes followed by 5 colors as a lash assortment to chose from
  • No tearing or feeling of the lash extension should be felt
  •  All comfortably snug in our private atmosphere while soft music plays.  Most customers nap during our services
  • SkinbyDemi is proud to provide a clean and sanitized station for every client without discomfort during each service

All Photos are property of SkinbyDemi and Demi Facers no cut and paste is allowed without permission from all parties: Demetria Wildenstein, Photographer and model/client in the photograph. Thank you for your understanding.

Love the Skin you are in Gallery

What to expect during all Skin Solutions; Facials and Chemical Peell at SkinbyDemi Studio

  • REQUESTED: everyone to remove your contacts before service and invite you to bring all current products that you use on your skin during consultation of Facial/Peel visit
  • Free 15 minute skin consultation or meet and greet are available before booking appointment for enjoying our services
  • Demi is licensed and trained in Medical Aesthetics as well as Organic and Ayurvedic techniques we take everything loved from a spa facial and add a medical spin for longer lasting results.  Our facials are designed to give you a  glow longer than a week.  Epi Facial and O2 Facials have month longevity.
  • Sharing our advanced education and collected techniques  to improve your skin's texture, muscle and lymphatic structure through each facial and home remedies.
  • Demi is a product minimalists as she teaches format easy to utilize results for home care assistance. (Check out our "Home Care Cleansing from a Pro" videos.)
  • Quite and clean space with "Demi-Zen" atmosphere during massage while products are processing.
  • Deep Cleansing, exfoliation, treatment serums, moisture balance, no pore clogging, massage to succeed a noticeable improvement in your skin and muscle structure.
  • Most all, facial are 60minutes to 90minutes.  Please consult with us over phone if you have time restraints, allergies, phobias or personal dislikes along with products that have not worked for you in the past.
  • Top quality professional skin care collection of products that have proof through medical studies to change and alter the skin with a no trauma response .
  • We specialize in sensitive skin types with long or short allergy list.

All Photos are property of SkinbyDemi and Demi Faces no cut and paste is allowed without permission from all parties: Demetria Wildenstein,  Photographer and model/client in the photograph. Thank you for your understanding.

Film-Photo-Stage-Weddings  Hire us for your event!

What to expect when Demi is working your event? 
A well preplanned event is how to succeed in your event.  At SkinbyDemi we have developed tools to better prepare us for all types of requests.   Most events are on a time schedule and need to keep to preplanned schedule.   If your event is a Wedding, Fashion Show, Photo Shoot or back stage with film we ready ourselves well for each event with the same energy.
  • We will give you a contract up front stating prices and schedules. 
  • We will request photos of Brides/Models, dresses-clothing design to assist in our visual direction by email. 
  • Our price is  a flat hourly rate.  We supply all products needed: skincare, makeup, hair products, lashes and styling tools.  
  • Additional  Travel fee over 20 miles  calculation  from our studio's address.
  • We are friendly and respectful for space while working and work well with other professionals.
  • Expect 2-4 makeup or special hair styles services completed in 60 minutes for Weddings planned.  
  • Fashion shows are 3-6 makeup or special hair styles in 60 minutes.
  • Generally our prices come out cheaper per person receiving services because we work so efficiently in a tight time frame.  
  • Our system has given us many opportunities that we work some of the same events yearly.  We have even serviced all the daughters as a bride in wedding planned per family.