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Love the Skin you are in.

Love the Skin you are in at SkinbyDemi    303-842-4733

At SkinbyDemi, the focus on providing attention to detail for services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction to meet  each person's desire of that requested service. Sometime a little education on a personal situation can go a long way to accomplish desired requests.  

Demetria Wildenstein has been licensed in three states Missouri, Texas and Colorado holding Cosmetology, Massage Therapy and Esthetician schooling to accredited licenses for all three modalities starting in 1994.  Demetria advanced from client relations out of salons, spas and medical spas as a technician into education and motivational speaking along with professional consultation in all three subjects assisting across the United States.  She has paired with companies such as Arum LTD, Farouk Systems, Lavish Lashes, Smash Box Makeup, Franche Chirally Correct Mineral Makeup and Liquafan Lashes under the advanced education circuit with these companies provided for their manufactured products.  In some cases Demetria worked closely with branding of new innovated product creation with these companies.  Regional Education easily crossed over into Management/Consulting and Spa Director positions for her as she has overseen large spas and salons in previous successions.  In order for her to obtain these positions Demetria needed much personal training in all aspects of the industry its self; examples of this are Dr. Desmond Fernandez (Founder  of Environ Skin Care-pioneered skin needling techniques), Dr. James Fulton (Vivant Skin Care- One of creators to Retin A) and Dr. Rosita Arvigo (recipient of The Earth Award, 2007).   In Spring of 2014 Demetria began working with a United States Makeup Chemisty Lab to create her very own full coverage makeup for sensitive skin.  Introducing Demi Faces to her studio and mailed to customers all over the state.

"SkinbyDemi / Demi Faces is part of the industry that I love from all my past and present successions which are wrapped into this quaint little studio on Old Town Gaylord Street, enjoy."  -Demetria Wildenstein

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